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This course 'NIFT entrance examination coaching' is intensively structured and configured to elivate the inherent strengths and fine tune the basic skill set.

This course of entrance exam coaching, lays a strong foundation from scratch and also enhances existing knowledge, skill, aptitude and develops the desired skill set that are required for the Nift entrance examination. Especially, in the design entrance exam, the key requirement is the ability to do.

While making you prepared for NIFT, Each module in this coaching is framed to make the learner understand the basics from scratch / root level to analytical and application of core concepts in any environment.

Unline other design entrance exams, NIFT ENTRANCE EXAM has its own unique pattern to test on the appropriate candidacy of entrance exam aspirants to succeed in the field of Design, Technology and Management in Fashion Domain.

Hence, preparation in such line is crucial to succeed in the entrance exam.

The preperation strategy for the nift entrance exam is to test whether the entrance exam candidature has the ability to handle the modules or ability to execute the desired exercises that are structured in the fashion courses. The candidature may include the ability to draw, ability to analyse, ability to understand verbal and non-verbal elements, ability to synthesise based on the observation, drawing skill, eye to detail, color sense, having the taste of apreciating the design, perceiving the design aesthetics, etc., which are the basic and inherent qualities of the desired profiles in pursuing the ever trending fashion courses.

NIFT entrance exam is conducted for the admission of its B.Des, M.Des, B.F.Tech, M.F.Tech and M.F.M programmes across its 16 state of art Campuses.

In Design, NIFT offers the B.Des (Bachelor of Design) courses of 4 years duration in various specialisations in Fashion domain like Fashion Design, Textile Design, Lifestyle Accessory Design, Fashion Communication Design, Knitwear Design, Leather Design. NIFT also offers M.Des. (Master of Design) of 2 years duration.

In Technology, NIFT offers the B.F.Tech (Bachelor of Fashion Technology) course of 4 years duration in Apparel Production as specialisation. NIFT also offers M.F.Tech. (Master of Fashion Technology) of 2 years duration in Apparel production.

In Management, NIFT offers the M.F.M. (Master of Fashion Management) course of 2 years duration.

Creative Ability Test (CAT)(Part 1 of NIFT Entrance Exam)

  • Design tool kit
  • Media exploration in nift exam
  • Basic drawing
  • Object Drawing
  • Nature Drawing
  • Situation Drawing
  • Sketching
  • Rendering
  • Perspective drawing
  • Sciography
  • Orthographic projections
  • Isometric Projection
  • Creativity and Design Thinking for entrance

  • Elements of Design

    • Form
    • Space
  • Principles of Design

    • Order
  • Photography
  • Logo design
  • Tessellations
  • Fractals

General Ability Test (GAT)(Part 2 of NIFT Entrance Exam)

  • Quantitative Ability

    • Addition
    • Multiplication
    • Division
    • Fractions
    • Percentage
    • Rate of Interest
    • Work and Task
    • Ratio and Proportion
    • Distance
  • Communication Ability & English Comprehension

    • Synonyms
    • Antonyms
    • Words with corresponding meanings
    • Singular
    • Plural
    • One word substitutes
    • Idioms and phrases
    • Correct spellings
    • Comprehend a situation from a given passage
  • Analytical Ability & Logical Ability test / exam

    • Problem Identification & Possible solutions
    • Concepts and practice of creative thinking
    • Concepts and practice of Lateral thinking
  • General Knowledge & Current Affairs for entrance exam

    • General knowledge
    • Current affairs
  • All the curriculum & core design modules in this 'NIFT Entrance examination' are taught by eminent design academicians and professional designers who are the Alumni of NIFT, NID, IIT, IIM, International design schools like Raffles (Singapore), London college of fashion (ual:), IED Istituto Europeo di Design (Milan, Italy) and COA registed Architects. Primarily, we are design professionals and then academicians. With our experience, expertise & efficiency with your interest & hard-work (regardless your academic history), the success path for NIFT admission, becomes simplified with amplified confidence.
  • Every one can learn and do if sufficient time is given but the competition is time-bound. Especially for NIFT exam, We have strategised both learning and teaching curves those work for all kinds of design admission examinations (including NIFT) and enhancing the design aptitude
  • 80+ Hours of intensive nift coaching with online live classes with strategic teaching and guidance on rapid advanced technology. You can learn and prepare for Nift entrance exam at any designated learning centers or direct to device mode at your convenience.
  • Enhanced learning experience with constructive outcome through our dedicated and concentric attention to each individual on regular intervals to track and pace the progress inline with exam pattern. Constructive Formative Assessments to make the difference with hand held and robust learning experience in preparing for NIFT exam.


  • Direct to device mode (Live online sessions)
  • Opportunity to learn from designated Learning Centers
    (Live online sessions in Learning centers)


  • Enhanced syllabus coverage and learn along with trainer approach


  • Individual monitoring on status and progress
  • Doubt clarifications & open discussion sessions


  • Constructive & Progressive feedback mechanism
  • Work Progress milestones mapping for every individual
  • Directives on improvement areas and short-cut strategy


  • Daily Question & Weekly Mock test / exam sessions
  • Rigorous practice sessions in NIFT entrance exam pattern

This course focuses both on Creative Ability Test (CAT) and General Ability Test (GAT) as both are important in succeeding the writen examination and getting short listed for Situation Test (the next level).

Creative Ability Test (CAT): This part of the test evaluates the candidate's intuitive ability, power of observation in concept development and design ability. We handle this case by introducing the design elements and principles from scratch like how to hold a pencil through the object drawing, sketching, situation drawing, rendering and color theory . However, we train the student to apply these learnings in achieving the efficient and workable solutions in the examinations. Our syllabus and approach in developing the student's ability is our key strategy.

We handle the CAT learning as proper foundation in Design. Understanding and accepting the fact that the duration for this course is limited, we have compressed the full foundation in deliverable hours at a required pace and easy to understand manner.

General Ability Test (GAT): The General ability is another high scoring section in the Nift examination - written exam. Non science students may assume it as a difficult one. But we have captured the core concepts in achievable and reflective manner so that any stream student can do excell without any fear and doubt. So, it drags equal importance, yet easy scoring.

We also cover the other aspects of the exam like verbal and non-verbal ability, logical ability, comprehension, etc. which have the equal importance as Creative Ability Test (CAT) in the entrance exam for NIFT.

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